Our Wigs

Fully cut & customised exclusively for you

Information About Our Wigs

We have an extensive range of high quality wigs and the product knowledge to help you choose the perfect wig for you. Whether you want to match your natural hair colour or would prefer something completely different we can help you achieve the look you want.

At Trinity we specialise in tailoring wigs, cutting & styling to create the most effective result for each individual client.

We also provide, and advise on, wig alternatives and accessories.

Wigs & Headwear


All our products are supplied by Trendco, a company globally recognised as a leader in the industry. We do not compromise on the quality of wig we provide. A professionally styled, high quality wig personalised to your individual needs will bring astonishing results.


We also provide a great range of headwear in a myriad of designs and colours, all produced in ‘irritation-free’ and machine washable fabrics.

Special Services

Trinity also offers a unique service for clients with new wigs purchased elsewhere. To achieve the best results new wigs always require cutting and styling so we’re happy to provide the professional help and advice you need.

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation please contact us.